Avoidance of fearful stimuli is one of the hallmarks of almost all anxiety disorders. Anxiety is similar to fear in some ways. It is having a state of apprehension, dread, or uneasiness based on an unclear threat. Anxiety can be both a feeling and a cognitive function. A double whammyContinue Reading

We all feel anxiety from time to time, but anxiety that is out of proportion to a situation may reveal a serious problem. People who suffer with anxiety-related problems feel threatened and often can’t do anything constructive about it. They struggle just to try to control themselves. There are fiveContinue Reading

Sigmund Freud’s (1856-1939) Psychoanalytic Theory proposed that beginning in childhood, people repress intolerable impulses, ideas and feelings, and this submerged mental energy sometimes produces mystifying symptoms such as anxiety. Many of todays psychologists have turned to two contemporary prospectives – learning and biological – for more complete understanding. The LearningContinue Reading

Anger is a complex human emotion that can automatically trigger the fight component of your nervous system’s fight-or-flight response. It is the emotion that signals when you feel personally threatened and the emotion that can cause your blood to “boil.” It is also the emotion that expresses the combative sideContinue Reading

The term “adrenal fatigue” has become a health buzzword for feeling burned out, stressed out, and exhausted, despite claims from the prominent medical journal BMC Endocrine Disorders that “there is no substantiation that ‘adrenal fatigue’ is an actual condition.” Chronic stress is becoming a way of life. According to aContinue Reading

Drug therapy is the leading biological treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Other biological interventions include relaxation training, mindfulness meditation and practicing living mindfully. Cognitive Therapist’s Point of View It is generally believed by cognitive therapists that generalized anxiety disorder and worry are caused by maladaptive assumptions and beliefs that mostContinue Reading

We are all living in an age of anxiety where anxiety is common and an expected part of life. A person might feel anxious when faced with work related problems, financial problems, before taking a test, health concerns, world political events, or before making an important decision. But anxiety disordersContinue Reading

Worry is the primary symptom of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. You might have a problem with worry if you have excess apprehension or avoidance for more days than not during the past six months. Seriously anxious people have difficulty being able to control their worry and typically suffer with sleep interruptions,Continue Reading