The definitions and discussions of the various Paraphilic Disorders, like those of Sexual Dysfunctions, while adult in nature, are also strongly influenced by the norms of the particular society in which they occur. (Bhugra et al., 2010) Some clinicians argue that paraphilic behaviors should be considered only when other individualsContinue Reading

Sexual Dysfunctions are far more common than most people realize. Many people seek sexual counseling, for one or more of the following types of problems (DSM-IV, 2000; Heiman, 2002): Desire Disorders – the individual has little or no sexual motivation. Arousal Disorders – the person desires sexual activity, but isContinue Reading

Help is available for people who have problematic sexual behavior problems by identifying specific distortions in each of the ten types of behaviors. This makes it easier to understand compulsive online sexual behavior as an intimacy problem, as well as an addiction. If you are struggling with compulsive online sexualContinue Reading

The word desire is one of the basic terms in psychology that covers a wide range of phenomena such as wanting, needing, craving and wishing. All of these are discussed in connection with theories of instinct and emotion, libido and love, motivation and purpose. All of Us Have Desires AccordingContinue Reading

The American Psychiatric Society’s categorization of gender dysphora in its DSM-5 is controversial. (Sennott, 2011; Dannecker 2010) Many people believe that transgender experiences reflect alterative rather than pathological ways of experiencing one’s gender identity. There is even an argument that transgender experiences that bring about unhappiness should not be consideredContinue Reading

Males like looking at pornography – a seemingly pleasurable experience. Naked women are interesting and arousing. When they see sexual images it stimulates sexual arousal. When there is a male performer in the scene the viewer can vicariously participate in the sexual act. If self-arousal is used while viewing pornographyContinue Reading