The term pedophile, as well as all sexual activities, is controversial when included in the published mental health disorder categories, creating an environment in which an increasing number of human behaviors is open to being declared deviant. Diagnosis The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition (DSM-5), publishedContinue Reading

In order to function properly our brain and nervous system require the presence of many different nutrients. Absence or reduced levels of these nutrients can result in psychological symptoms. Therefore, nutrition can be an important and sometimes critical link in improving psychological function, according to psychologist and author Alfred L.Continue Reading

Many people are unaware of how completely out-of-balance their lives are, or what is even meant by living a balanced lifestyle. Let’s imagine our life being supported by a wheel with five strong spokes. It’s easy to see that if one or more of the spokes are weak or brokenContinue Reading

Healthy families can be viewed almost the same way as a living human being with the individual family members as different body parts, all contributing and relying on each other. The loving, happy parents establish the tone, cooperation and communication within the family. Through their behavior and communication, they teachContinue Reading

Our world is filled with millions of people who are not aware they are self-destructive. This is the root cause of a whole host of problems. Their lifestyles include failures in school, job or career, destroyed relationships and marriages, criminal behavior, substance abuse, and depression. All ending frequently with suicide.Continue Reading