Depression and Addiction Trauma-Informed Care How to Tell if Someone is Shooting Up Ripple Ranch Recovery Center Birth Injury Cerebral Palsy Guide Suicide and Substance Abuse During the Pandemic Alcohol Addiction and Abuse Granite Recovery Centers Treatment Program Holistic Mental Health A Buddhist Psychology A. Brazier, 2003 AContinue Reading

Hypersomnia Excessive daytime sleepiness, most common during adolescence due to rapid physical changes during puberty, increases the need for sleep. This can also be the result of one or a combination of sleep apnea, depression, insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep drunkenness, periodic limb movements, drug abuse, or other problems. Insomnia Difficulty gettingContinue Reading

Many people are able to pick themselves up and carry on with their lives, even after experiencing an emotional situation such as an unloved or abusive childhood; the death of a family member; rejection by someone special; job loss; legal or financial difficulties; or a traumatic event.  However, picking oneselfContinue Reading is a practical, self-help online tool that people use to address and understand a wide spectrum of mental health issues. From anger, addiction, anxiety, and depression, to behavior, dieting and eating disorders, relationship and employment issues, grief, parenting, purpose and motivation… and so much more.  Identify and Understand UsingContinue Reading

Circle the “Stress Rating” number for events that pertain to you during the last year. Total your score. Being Raped 100Being accused of rape 100Discovering you are HIV positive 100Death of a close friend 97Death of a close family member 97Contracting a sexually transmitted diease 94Concerns about being pregnant 91FinalContinue Reading

Therapy provides a caring relationship between the client and therapist (or the website). This is known as a therapeutic alliance. Emotional rapport, warmth, friendship, understanding, acceptance and empathy are the basis for this relationship. End the Suffering Therapy offers a protected setting within which emotional catharsis (release) can take place.Continue Reading