Shopping Addiction is unlike what is typically considered a psychological disorder. After all, we are all encouraged to shop. Shopping is an honorable thing. When we think of addictions, back room gambling and smoke-filled bars come to mind – and of course drug addiction. Not very honorable activities. Kid inContinue Reading

There are almost as many reasons for addiction as there are people who have become addicted. Nearly everyone has a family member or knows someone who is suffering an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Addiction does not discriminate between gender, age group, race, skin color, or economic status. Some individualsContinue Reading

3.3 million people globally die each year from alcohol. 1.1 billion people worldwide smoke tobacco. Nearly 6 million adults in California are binge drinkers. 90 Americans die everyday from opioid overdoses. Gamblers’ brain scans look similar to drug addicts’ brain scans. 75 percent of addicted Americans are unemployed. One inContinue Reading

Used for thousands of years, opioids include opium, which is taken from the sap of the opium poppy plant. Morphine (named for the Greek god of sleep Morpheus), and heroin are also derived from opium. Synthetic versions of these drugs such as methadone and codein are medical narcotics usually prescribedContinue Reading

Withdrawal is the physical disturbance or changes that occur when a person begins to discontinue or suddenly stops their heavy use of drugs or alcohol. It also freqently accompanies ceasing the use of some prescription drugs or opiods. The period following such a cessation may include painful physiological and psychologicalContinue Reading

Alcohol abuse is a widespread issue and the danger signals are easy to recognize. Let’s look at the most common problems and, if you can answer yes to even one of the following questions, you have a drinking problem. (Adapted from the College Alcohol Problems Scale, revised, 2001). Ask yourselfContinue Reading