Although we live in a complex world filled with uncertainty, especially at times like this, there are things you can do, starting today,  to take control of your life. Uncontrollable Uncertainty Coping with personal difficulties, uncertainty over the economy, employment, finances, relationships, and of course, your physical and mental healthContinue Reading

How many people are able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and carry on with their lives after experiencing the death of a family member, rejection by someone special, a job loss, an unloved childhood, or a traumatic event? Picking oneself up doesn’t mean the emotions are healed though.Continue Reading

Low self-esteem can be defined as a lack of faith or confidence in one’s abilities and competence. While self-confidence can fuel success, low self-esteem can hinder it. Mental Disorder? Is low self-confidence considered a mental illness? Low self-esteem in and of itself isn’t a mental disorder but it can pointContinue Reading

It is true that we are formed by our parents’ genes at the moment of conception, but it is also true that our ancestral history helped form us as a species. An Open System The debate in psychology of nature vs nurture is one of the oldest. It is trueContinue Reading

Each day of our life we gradually grow in self-awareness. Our daily experiences are added to our personality, enlarging our self-definition. The interests and talents we acquire not only build and define us in a physical way, they also define and expand our boundaries in an unseen way. This invisibleContinue Reading

Having the ability to get in touch with authentic feelings, i.e., true thoughts and emotions, is more important than psychological explanations. The first and most important process is learning self-awareness, and to focus that awareness on the feelings of the present moment. This allows one to directly experience his or herContinue Reading

Self-disclosure is a vital ingredient of loving relationships. It is the unselfish revealing of intimate details about ourselves, our likes and disklikes, dreams, aspirations, worries, our proud and shameful moments, our inner secrets. As one person reveals a little, so will the other person. Self-disclosure breeds liking, and liking breedsContinue Reading