Depressed? Stop Blaming!

If you discover nothing else from at least consider these two morsels:

Sometimes tragedy strikes us. Call it bad luck or fate. You can feel helpless, lose all hope, you can slide into a life of deep depression, unable to carry on. You can even suffer nightmares, sudden flashbacks and panic attacks. You can go so far as to completely blame yourself for the bad thing that happened, and you might even be correct.

Bad Things Happen 

Remember this: #1. Self-blame, guilt and even shame are all normal emotions. Bad things happen. You can feel crushed, guilty, inadequate, and continue to suffer and be depressed, or you can accept the challenge and move forward with your life.

Start Externalizing

And #2. To turn natural grief and sadness into depression, all you have to do is blame yourself for whatever bad thing happened. But to recover, all we need do is stop personalizing events and start externalizing them.

And realize that sometimes bad things just happen – so move on – it’s that simple.



This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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