Depression – Taking the Day Off

Feeling depressed is awful. You feel pessimism and sadness. Your body feels weak and tired. You probably don’t want to get out of bed or off the couch. There’s a stack of mail to go through but you can’t bear it. Work is piling up but you feel incapable. These feelings sap your energy and any self-confidence you may have left.

No Empathy from Anyone

On top of this, no one around you wants much to do with you, and have pretty much stopped offering words of encouragement or empathy. The best thing to do is just pull the blanket over your head and hide your face in your pillow. Right? 

Take the Day Off!

Wrong! Today we will try something different. Get out of bed or get off the couch! Get dressed! Depression! We’re taking the day off and having a fun day!

“Do we have to?” You ask. Yes, because you deserve it. And don’t argue! It will be good for you. I promise! Pick a friend that you can spend a few hours with. Perhaps take a walk at the mall or visit a good book store together. Then a real lunch at that new cafe. Yes, we are taking the day off from depression but there is a price you will have to pay in return. “Oh no! Now what?” You moan. 

Just Observe

Here’s what I want you to do at lunch with your friend. At the cafe, I want you to sit quietly at the table. Notice the size of the room, the other tables and fixtures without judging. Just observe. Take it all in. Sense the other people in the room and the activity going on around you. Feel your feet inside your shoes. Hear all the sounds and voices. This is our first lesson in connecting with the “now.” Connecting with the experience = mindfulness.

Eating Mindfully

Once the food arrives and is placed in front of you, take in the different shapes, textures and colors. Inhale the essence of your meal. Take a small fork or spoonful of food. Look at it. Imagine how it will taste. Let it rest inside your mouth for a few seconds. Feel the texture. Begin to chew and let the flavor fill your senses. Pay attention to the muscles in your mouth and throat as you swallow the morsel. Take a sip of your beverage. Pay attention to the liquid flowing over your taste buds. Eat slowly, enjoying every piece of food and flavor. Now share this experience with your friend. This little lesson is called eating mindfully.

Eating mindfully is simply opening your mind to experience “what is.” Eating in this manner is especially good for you and your mind. Making a habit of eating like this will give you more enjoyment while clearing your mind of negativity. You will be much more relaxed, giving your mind room for new thoughts and memories.

Welcome to Mindfulness.



This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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