The Enjoyment Log

There are things in life that give us joy. When we think of joy, it’s usually the big things that come to mind. Getting married, landing that big job, buying your first house or car. We hardly ever bother with the little things that give us joy. Like biting into a warm freshly toasted english muffin that’s dripping with melted butter and strawberry preserves, listening to your favorite music, playing with the children on the carpet, or jogging with the dog.

Definition of Happiness

Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant wrote in their wonderful book Option B, that happiness is the frequency of positive experiences, not their intensity. And as blogger Tim Urban describes, happiness is the joy you find on hundreds of forgettable Wednesdays.

It is critically important to put joy in your life. Every day write down three joyful moments you had or three things you must do today to give yourself joy. They could be small acts of generosity, on your part or that you observed in others. They could be little treats you gave to loved-ones or a friend, or how about just working on your hobby?

Write Down Your Joyful Moments

There is not enough written or said about joy. Put joy in your life every day by paying attention to your joyful experiences instead of the negative ones. Write them down. A soft breeze against your face, the warm glow of a fire in the fireplace on a chilly night, seeing a rainbow during a walk in the park, or the smell of freshly laundered sheets to name a few. Joyful moments bring a smile to your face now and months later when you re-read your entries.


This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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