Exhibitionistic Disorder

Exhibitionistic Disorder is a mental health condition, a Paraphilia marked by the need to indecently expose one’s genitals to others, typically unsuspecting strangers caught off guard, in an attempt to gain some self-sexual gratification. 

Young and Older Men

The vast majority of people who exhibit these tendencies are young adult men although older men also participate and, in cases of famous celebrities who have been caught, may actually enjoy the publicity.


Exhibitionists of a bygone area, were called “flashers” with long trench-coats hiding behind a lamp post and exposing themselves with opened trench-coat in order to shock his victim then running off into the shadows.

Today’s exhibitionist lives in a whole new world of technology. The internet may indeed be the perfect arena for such behavior, where there is anonymity and a much larger global audience with total convenience and no need to wait for darkness.

Treatment is Complex

Nearly one-third of men arrested for committing a sex offense are exhibitionists. Like many paraphilias, exhibitionism gives the offender a great source of excitement and pleasure and for this reason it is a difficult behavior to give up. Exhibitionists have the highest rate of re-arrests of any sexual offender. Offenders are highly motivated to continue, which is why treatment for this and paraphilia disorders in general is a complex and difficult process.

Treatment of Exhibitionistic Disorder usually begins with psychotherapy and support groups. When the disorder is severe, drugs that reduce testosterone levels and thus reduce libido may be considered.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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