Left Brain – Right Brain

Studies have shown that people have a personality, thinking style, and a method of doing things that is either left-brain or right-brain. What is meant by this theory? The theory is that people predominantly utilize one side of their brain more than the other side. People who are analytical, methodical, pay attention to details and are logical are thought to use the left side of their brain and are referred to as left-brainers. Right-brained people are more intuitive and creative free thinkers. 

Two Hemispheres Function Differently

Roger Sperry’s (1913-1994), 1960 theory is based on the brain having two hemispheres that function differently. The left-brain is more articulated, systematic and orderly than the right-brain. Sperry’s research showed the left-brain, sometimes called the digital brain, is also associated with logic (sound thinking), sequencing (thinks step by step), linear-thinking (connects the dots), mathematics (uses numbers and facts), as rational, pragmatic, conservative and detailed oriented. The right-brain, sometimes called the analog brain, is associated with creativity, intuitive, uses feeling, imagination, looks at the bigger picture, takes risks and thinks outside the box.

Brain Wave Activity Similar

Recent evidence however, utilizing brain scans shows that even though more than 80 percent of people are said to be left-brainers, brain wave activity is about the same on both sides of the brain regardless of personality.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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