PTSD Indicators

The following Self-Help Questionnaire will provide a good indication of what a doctor or therapist might look for when they try to diagnose Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Print out this page and answer Yes or No  to the following questions, then answer each summary question. Only the Summary Answers and final answer are the indicator.

  Y     N

___ ___ Did you experience a traumatic event that threatened your life, or threatened or killed   another person or people?   

___ ___ If Yes, did the event terrify you, horrify you or make you feel helpless?


___ ___ Did you answer both previous questions Yes?

Identifying recurring, intrusive thoughts

___ ___ Do you experience repeating, distressing memories of the event?

___ ___ Do you have repeating nightmares of the event?

___ ___ Do you have flashbacks or hallucinations as if the event is repeating again?

___ ___ Do you feel mentally or physically exhausted when something triggers the memory?


___ ___ Did you answer one or more of the questions Yes?

Identifying avoidant behaviors

___ ___ Do you avoid having feelings, thoughts or discussions about the event?

___ ___ Do you avoid associating with people, places or things that remind you of the event?

___ ___ Do you forget important details of the event?

___ ___ Is it difficult to do activities that were important or fun prior to the event?

___ ___ Do you avoid socializing?

___ ___ Do you feel that you are cold and distant?

___ ___ Do you avoid planning or thinking about a future?


___ ___ Did you answer three or more questions Yes?

Identifying Hyperarousal behavior

___ ___ Are you experiencing any sleep problems or changes?

___ ___ Are you more moody, irritable or angry than before the event?

___ ___ Is it difficult to concentrate or make important decisions?

___ ___ Are you mostly on the defensive or on red alert?

___ ___ Are you easily startled by loud noises, truck backfires or unexpected barking dogs?


___ ___ Did you answer two or more questions Yes?

Identifying time and intensity

___ ___ Have you experienced your current feelings longer than one month?

___ ___ Do your feelings and emotions disrupt daily activities, relationships, job or education?


___ ___ Did you answer both questions Yes?

Did you answer Yes to all five SUMMARY Questions? 

Even if you didn’t answer every question in each group, your five Summary answers are a good indication that you have PTSD.

If you answered at least three Summary Questions Yes, you might not have PTSD. However, this questionnaire alone is not a deciding factor. If these or other PTSD symptoms are making you concerned, seek the advice of your doctor or a therapist who is expert in PTSD.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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