Recognizing Depression Quiz

We all have negative thoughts periodically. We feel a little punk, get a little down, we even get downright sad. Maybe that test score wasn’t what you were hoping for. That Christmas bonus was less than you expected. Maybe that special relationship didn’t work out. Perhaps the death of someone close has just interrupted your life. These events happen to everyone and it is normal to become dejected and upset for awhile. For some, it might even be a little longer than “awhile.”

Depression Changes View of Life

But depression is far more than experiencing sadness from an unexpected crisis or disappointment in our normal lives. Depression takes hold and changes a person’s view of life. Depression actually affects every aspect of a life. While there is a variety of types and causes of depression, all affect people in four ways, yet vary between individuals. The areas affected by depression include a person’s physical body, their thoughts, behaviors and relationships.

Certain Traits Are Common

Depressed people often don’t realize or accept that they are suffering from depression. Some people sleep more than they used to while others have difficulty sleeping at all. Some are slow and sluggish while others are speeding around. While depression affects everyone differently, certain traits and behaviors are common.

If you are unsure or have feelings that you may be suffering from depression, take the following depression assessment questionnaire. All of the statements are representative of depressive thoughts. We understand that everyday is different, but check the statements that you experience the most.

While this is not a diagnosis, the number of statements you check may guide you to seek professional counseling, but the more statements that apply to you, the greater the concern.

A word of caution, some statements relate to death or suicide. If you check any of these or if these are common thoughts for you, you need immediate professional evaluation.

Print this questionnaire – it’s yours to keep.

___ I start crying for no particular reason.

___ I feel very ashamed of myself.

___ Lately, I have been avoiding people.

___ My future looks dismal.

___ No one would miss me if I weren’t alive anymore.

___ Food has little appeal to me.

___ I sleep a great deal more than I used to.

___ I put off or have difficulty making decisions.

___ I often think I am worthless.

___ My life is full of mistakes and regrets.

___ I rarely go out and socialize.

___ Very little interests me anymore.

___ I can’t remember details like I used to.

___ Sometimes I think everyone would be better off without me.

___ More and more I think I am a failure.

___ Lately I’ve been making too many mistakes.

___ I don’t make plans or look forward to anything.

___ I can’t concentrate and I forget what I’ve just read.

___ I have a very pessimistic outlook.

___ I’ve been eating a lot more than I used to.

Once again, may we caution you, if you have checked any items that relate to death or suicide, you need the evaluation of a professional mental health professional in your area who may recommend psychotherapy, medication or both. You can get help at any hospital emergency room or dial 911 for immediate assistance.

Depression Is a Serious Problem

Depression is a complex and serious disorder that can affect anyone of any age, any race, any nationality and any socio-economic class.

Symptoms can range from having low energy and a loss of interest, sadness, and low self-esteem to bouts of dark pits of hopelessness. 

Treatment options likewise span from self-help, and mindfulness to occasional therapy, advanced psychotherapy, electro-shock and antidepressant medications.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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