Recognizing Depression


We all have good and bad days. To assess whether you or a loved-one may be struggling with depression, print out the following questions and answer truthfully.

The test is yours to determine your next course of action. 

 Yes  No

___ ___ Have you felt discouraged about your future?

___ ___ Have you experienced a general lack of energy?

___ ___ Do you put off or have difficulty completing projects?

___ ___ Are you having problems academically or with your job?

___ ___ Do you sometimes feel very excited or hyper?

___ ___ Have you felt dissatisfied with your life?

___ ___ Do you find it hard to laugh?

___ ___ Has your appetite lessened?

___ ___ Are you now or have you recently experienced a stressful relationship?

___ ___ Do you generally keep your emotions bottled up inside?

___ ___ Do you isolate yourself from close friends?

___ ___ Do you experience restless nights or difficulty sleeping?

___ ___ Has there been a recent major health emergency or death in your family?

___ ___ Do you sometimes think of yourself as a failure?

___ ___ Do you have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning?

___ ___ Are you now or have you recently experienced a relationship ending badly?

___ ___ Do you ever feel completely worthless?

___ ___ Do you isolate yourself from members of your family?

___ ___ Do you engage in frequent self-criticism or self-blame?

___ ___ Do you feel there is a dark cloud constantly over you?

A score of 6 to 10 indicates a mild depression problem. More than 10 indicates a substantial depression problem requiring a professional consultation. While this test is not a diagnosis, it may suggest seeking the advice of a health professional.



This report is not a diagnosis. We hope the information can guide you toward improving you life.

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