Road Rage

How often do you see a faster driver shaking his fist at the slower driver as he passes? If you are one of those fist-shakers who drive aggressively with anger in your heart you are probably always in a rush, even when you’re walking. When your mind is in a rush, your body soon follows. Everything increases – your blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and thoughts. You are in racing mode, and you will jump on anyone who gets in your way. You rely on your anger to clear your path. You probably even brush by people who are walking slower than you.

It’s Their Fault You’re Late for Work

If you drive the freeways often, seeing road rage is a common occurrence. You can easily pick out the car that’s in a big hurry to get wherever they’re going just by watching they way they weave in and out of traffic. It seems that all the other vehicles are driving along just fine, but this one individual is upset they aren’t driving fast enough to suit him. Everyone on the highway is in his way. And it’s all their fault that he work up late for work. He will make them all pay by shaking his fist as he cuts people off.

Get There Fast

Aggressive drivers are focused on only one thing. To get to their destination as quickly as possible. They drive while staring straight ahead in a kind of tunnel vision trance. If you are the unlucky driver that gets between the Road Rager and his destination you will no doubt pay the price by being passed while his fist is shaking in the air at you (or worse).

Luck Doesn’t Last

But one day our road rage is going to run out of luck. He will pass a slower moving unmarked officer, shaking his fist as he cuts him off, only to see the flashing red light in his rear-view mirror. His fine will be expensive, and his auto insurance premium will increase by hundreds of dollars, He could have avoided all this turmoil just by leaving for his destination fifteen minutes earlier. His road rage was caused by his own anger at being late.

Lighten Up

Any form of rage is an emotion that is reserved for true enemies. Enemies are people that you believe are out to hurt you intentionally. No one driving on the highway has the slightest intention of harming you. They are trying to get to their destination just as you are. They aren’t even thinking about you. Not until you shake your fist at them in anger. So lighten up. You should be thanking the slower driver because he just might be the difference between getting a reckless driving citation or worse. He may have saved your life and that of others as well.

Relax and stop rushing.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you to improving your life.

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