Self-Help Is

Are you having a serious problem with your life? Are you feeling a little down or unsure? Maybe you’re trying to deal with a disappointment that’s been handed to you?

We are going to assume that because you’re visiting you or someone you’re close to is experiencing a problem. Perhaps they’ve been feeling depressed to some degree lately, or is seriously despondent. is your guide to self-help. is happy you are with us and we’re pleased to provide you with insightful information on a wide variety of social, mental health and psychological topics and resources.

It’s All Here

Millions of people who face difficulties and challenges every day benefit from Predicaments involving such things as problems at school or on the job, identity or social issues, relationship problems, struggles with full-fledged psychological issues of addiction, eating, sleep, or stress and dealing with the various forms of depression.

Sharing our vast knowledge base and advice with you, anytime you are in need, no matter where you are, allows you to make minor course corrections to get your life back on track, or to make major life-changing decision.

A Powerful Solution

Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the value of self-help for a wide variety of personal, social, economic, emotional, behavioral and health difficulties. For many individuals self-help has proven to be the best solution and all that was needed. But even if your and our best efforts fall short, can provide a powerful addition to other alternative approaches.

Self-help with may just be the perfect place to start. However making the decision to try the self-help approach alone requires you first answer these questions.

If you answered Yes to these questions, you may have a serious condition that requires more than self-help. You may need an evaluation from a mental health professional in your area.

If you answered No to these questions, self-help with may be the right place to start.

Crucial Question

But there is one more crucial question to answer: Do you have a serious determination and motivation to work on the advice and knowledge that provides?

More than Just Reading

Self-help requires more than just reading scores of articles, taking tests and filling out surveys. You need the motivation to actually apply to your life the goals our programs set out to accomplish. can only coach you so far. After that you or someone close to you must take over as your coach. Of course we will continue to provide you with tools and the knowledge to help make big changes in your life.

What it takes is for you to make a serious effort for two to three months, to apply what you learn and monitor your progress. There are a number of monitoring methods that will show you the progress you have made.

If you don’t experience progress with after two or three months of good solid effort, or you are feeling discouraged, start relapsing, sink into deeper depression, or have suicidal thoughts, contact a mental health professional to help you sort things out.

The Shape of Progress

Be aware, progress isn’t a straight upward line. There will be ups and downs with any effort. Some struggles, as in addiction and depression, may be life-long never ending challenges.

While this is not a diagnosis, we hope that and the information we provide can guide you toward improving your life.

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