Sex Compulsion – 10 Types

Help is available for people who have problematic sexual behavior problems by identifying specific distortions in each of the ten types of behaviors. This makes it easier to understand compulsive online sexual behavior as an intimacy problem, as well as an addiction.

If you are struggling with compulsive online sexual behavior, there are steps you can take that will offer new perspectives on these problems:

Fantasy Sex

Fantasy sex is safe and requires no work. Unlike going out to real parties, night clubs, and social activities where real people mingle and make conversation, chat rooms are filled with shy people fulfilling their online romance fantasy.


Voyeurism is another area that requires little or no work. In the cyber world there is a large group of people who actually enjoy being watched and another group of shy, passive lurkers or voyeurs. There are many websites, both free and paid, where the person being watched does not know or interact with any of the many people watching their live exhibitionistic show. The watchers simply get stimulated by watching.


This generally requires some activity, either alone or with a partner (or partners). They are generally sexually stimulated by being watched by members of the above voyeur group. People who take part in live online or video exhibitionism generally would not expose themselves in public but find it safer and easier online.

Selective Role Playing

This is mostly people who seek romantic online relationships, as in gaining the attention of another person. It involves flirtation, conquest, and cybersex. Eventually people move on, ending or ignoring the relationship in favor of another online relationship. These people avoid being themselves or even truthful. It is possible to have numerous relationships by visiting different chatrooms or websites. These relationships are not ever meant to be lasting or meaningful.

Trading Sex 

This activity generally involves texting or email exchange of specific types of pornographic images, depending on the topic of the website or chat room. This description can also apply to online prostitution services, either individually or by visiting an online service. This eliminates the need to speak to someone in a bar or on a seedy street corner. Certainly easier but equally illegal.

Intrusive Sex

Generally involves inappropriate touching people in crowded rooms, elevators, buses, trains or subways. The victim of Frotteuristic behavior does not give permission for this behavior. This can also apply to obscene phone calls to strangers they have met in chat rooms and sending naked pictures of themselves to unsuspecting individuals. It is the intentional crossing of boundaries for their own sexual arousal and gratification.

Paying for Sex

This might involve an individual joining a pay-per-view website to view live sexual acts of couples or singles of their choice. This is similar to online prostitution except no real contact is made. Payment is by credit card or other payment method, however most credit card companies no longer accept these charges.

Anonymous Sex

Some individuals go online for the express purpose of seeking cyber or real sex with a total stranger. No bonding or relationship is intended. There is no romance, seduction or even polite small talk. Part of the excitement is the actual risk with unknown strangers and situations.

Pain Exchange Sex

Unlike with fantasy sex, pain exchange involves seeking bondage control partners, exchanging images and engaging in consensual painful, degrading, sadomasochistic relationships, ranging from mild to severe. Such activities can and do escalate quickly and people can be seriously injured.

Exploitive Sex

This might begin as fantasy or selective role-playing that is designed to build the trust of the unsuspecting victim using flirtation and romance in the process. All to gain control and confidence, usually for sexual exploitation. Less obvious are predators who target and seduce children or teenagers.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Visiting social websites or chat rooms can be a good way to meet people with similar interests. Gardeners find fellow gardeners in gardening chat rooms and forums. Cooks find people to share recipes in food forums. People exchange specialty recipes. Bonds and relationships are formed. You begin chatting, texting and exchanging food photos everyday. You soon enter the twilight zone of compulsive behavior.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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