No one seeks counseling or psychotherapy because they have persistent and severe feelings of joy and happiness. People don’t read psychology blogs looking for help because their dog ignores them. People begin sensing there might be a problem when they find themselves in a bad mood more often than not.Continue Reading

Cacodemonia is defined in physchology as a pathological belief in which the patient is convinced they are inhabited or possessed by a wicked entity or evil spirit. In Plato’s Greece, “daemons” were often invisible and were believed to be constituted of material unlike human or animal. They could be goodContinue Reading

Our bodies, like the ocean, have rhythmic tides that fluctuate, and are controlled by internal clocks. The biological clock that synchronizes the 24-hour cycle is called the Circadian Rhythm, from the Latin “circa” meanings “about” and “diem” meaning “day”. The rhythm of the day parallels the rhythm of life: wakingContinue Reading

Just like an ocean, life has rhythmic tides. Over various time periods, our body and mind fluctuates. These biological rhythms – biorhythms are controlled by our “internal clocks” and include long and short cycles: Annual cycles – Typical annual cycles influence most animals and plant life. Cycles influence the migrationContinue Reading