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Many people are able to pick themselves up and carry on with their lives, even after experiencing an emotional situation such as an unloved or abusive childhood; the death of a family member; rejection by someone special; job loss; legal or financial difficulties; or a traumatic event.  However, picking oneself up doesn’t mean the emotions are healed.

Causes of Irrational Thinking

Unresolved emotional issues can remain locked deep inside for many years, causing changes to your personality. Disturbing memories or feelings can cause emotional reactions that lead to problematic  and irrational thinking and behavior.

Unhealed emotions can be the underlying cause of dysfunctional relationships, job loss, anger, depression, addiction, phobias, anxiety, and many other physical and mental disorders. Therefore, it is important to make time to intelligently explore your own issues so you can understand them honestly. Learn from them, release them and take the opportunity to heal yourself and so move forward with your life.

Self-Psych.com can help you explore, identify, and understand the problem areas of your life so as to present options to achieve emotional healing. 

The First Step 

We understand that taking the first step is the most difficult part of a journey, and we salute and thank you for allowing Self-Psych.com to be with you on your path. Self-Psych.com is filled with a wide variety of ground breaking viewpoints, ideas, methods and tools to transform the way you think about and manage the events, memories, and concerns of your life.

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Self-Psych.com is comprehensive – encompassing hundreds of thought-provoking text or audio articles, facts, self-help and self-assessment tools. Eye-opening reports on scores of mental and physical health, social and relationship issues, accessed with easy, thoughtful navigation and a constantly expanding Knowledge Base that incorporates not only the latest thinking of today’s Psychologists but also the little known theories and wisdom of ancient thinkers, teachers and philosophers.

We sincerely hope that you will adapt the options and tools to suit your own specific situation and begin to find healing. 

We suggest that your journey begins with signing up and begin a low-cost weekly or monthly subscription. Take a tour of the subject matter then give yourself some time to reflect on how the topics can impact your own life or perhaps someone you know. 

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life. Review our Knowledge Base or the links displayed on this page for similar and related topics.