Antisocial Personality Disorder, sometimes called sociopathy, is the most troubling and researched personality disorder, in which a person usually lacks a conscience of wrong-doing – even toward friends and family members. This person is often impulsive, selfish, dishonest, emotionally shallow, poorly socialized, often incapable of feeling shame, fear, loyalty orContinue Reading

About seventy-five percent of people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder are women. (Gunderson, 2011) People with this disorder display great instability, including major shifts in mood, an unstable self-image and impulsivity. (APA, 2013) When combined, these characteristics can make their relationships very unstable. (Paris, 2010) People with Borderline Personality DisorderContinue Reading

Histrionic Personality Disorder is a mental disorder in a group of conditions known as “Cluster B” or dramatic personality disorders. The literal definition of the word histrionic is dramatic or theatrical. Individuals with this disorder usually have intense, highly unstable emotions and self-image. Their self-esteem changes dramatically depending on theContinue Reading