Most psychology is focused largely on alleviating unhappy conditions rather than creating and promoting happiness. According to Martin Seligman, one of the founders of Positive Psychology, there are three kinds of happy life: The “good” life, a life that pursues personal growth, successfully engaged in relationships, work, play and achievingContinue Reading

There are things in life that give us joy. When we think of joy, it’s usually the big things that come to mind. Getting married, landing that big job, buying your first house or car. We hardly ever bother with the little things that give us joy. Like biting intoContinue Reading

One of the best methods of understanding your moods and emotions is by journaling on a daily basis. We suggest purchasing a special composition notebook and make journaling an important part of your self-help. Keep your journal in a safe, conveniernt place, perhaps in the nightstand. Some people prefer havingContinue Reading

Most people think of themselves as basically generous. But do you consciously practice being generous? Do you have any plan to be giving, or is it more like a spur-of-the-moment reaction? Do you remember the last time you were generous? Why not keep a daily giving log that you canContinue Reading

Why not sit quietly and reflect on all those things for which you feel grateful! Instead of continually chasing the material things in life, be happy with the things that you have: Your family, all of your friends and neighbors, and your health. At the end of the day listContinue Reading