Our mood changes from day to day – even hour to hour. A period of happiness can quickly take a short-term dip, seemingly coming from out of the blue, and turn into a bad mood of sadness, anxiety, stress, unhappiness and irritability. We all suffer from short-term mood dips mostContinue Reading

Depression is the most studied disorder, because it affects so many people. As a result of thousands of studies, psychologists have been working to develop more effective ways to treat mood disorders. What characterizes depression is negativity. Depressed people are sensitive to negative happenings, expect negative outcomes, and more oftenContinue Reading

As we get older, some individuals find that enjoying activities, or the people, places and things that were once very rewarding and enjoyable are just not pleasurable anymore. In fact, they just can’t find pleasure in life at all. The things that used to bring joy to their life noContinue Reading

All of us have bad moods from time to time. Bad moods are generally short periods of “the blues,” when you would rather be left alone. Although withdrawal, isolation and peace and quiet can be nice sometimes. For example, it can be difficult to read a good book or concentrateContinue Reading