Frequently Asked Crypto Questions

What are Self-Psych Learn to Earn crypto rewards?

The Self-Psych team has developed its unique BEP-20 cryptocurrency, the HELP Reward Token,
as digital assets to empower individuals globally to take control of their mental health
and wellbeing. The HELP Reward Token is listed and trades on international crypto exchanges.

How do the Self-Psych crypto rewards help me?

Self-Psych rewards our users who engage with mental health and wellness content, promoting
a healthy lifestyle and… to take control of their lives. This simple system was designed to give meaning to your situation, boost your mood, relieve some stress and to help promote a positive attitude.

How does the Self-Psych crypto reward program work?

Self-Psych lets you earn valuable HELP Rewards for merely learning. Users sign-up, read or listen to our articles, take short quizzes, post to social media and earn crypto rewards. Once we receive your completed quiz, your wallet will receive HELP Reward Tokens. Our simple system is guaranteed to give you a Happy Face!

How can I learn more about the HELP Reward Token?

You can learn all about the HELP Reward Token at our website and complete details are available in our Whitepaper at

What kind of quizzes are available on Self-Psych?

Self-Psych has a wide selection of quizzes on a variety of topics from our vast mental health and wellness knowledge base. New quizzes, polls and other features will be added in the coming months.

Is the Self-Psych HELP Reward program safe to use?

Absolutely! Self-Psych takes user security and privacy seriously and has measures in place to protect your personal information, Nothing is ever shared with anyone. We use encrypted data transmission and adhere to a strict privacy policy to keep your information and rewards safe.

Is there a limit to how many quizzes I can take on Self-Psych?

No, there is no limit to how many quizzes you can take on Self-Psych. You can take as many quizzes as you like and earn HELP rewards for your efforts. We do limit taking only one quiz in a 24 hour period but you can return to as often as you like.

Is there a cost to joining the Self-Psych Learn to Earn HELP Reward program?

No. Not only is the Self-Psych and the Learn-to-Earn HELP Reward program FREE to use, you will start earning rewards just by submitting your first quiz answers. You can use Self-Psych as often as you like and participate in the HELP Reward program and earn crypto rewards.

What can I do with the Self-Psych Help Reward Tokens?

While HELP Reward Tokens were created to incentivize individuals, they are by no means limited to this. The HELP Reward Tokens are designed with a built-in automatic passive income feature. Just like having a savings account. The longer you keep the HELP Reward Tokens, the more income you will earn.
In the coming months, Help Reward Token holders will enjoy discounts when purchasing wellness products and services using the Help Reward Token on the Self-Psych platform. Users are encouraged to accumulate them in their personal portfolios. Sales can be made on international crypto exchanges.

Can I refer my friends and family to join Self-Psych and the HELP Reward program?

Yes, we believe Self-Psych and the HELP Reward program can benefit everyone. And any referrals you provide will earn you Bonus HELP Rewards. Refer as many friends and family members as you like, just let us know their email addresses or account information when they join so that we can reward you.

How many countries are Self-Psych and the HELP Reward Token available in?

Self-Psych and the HELP Reward Token are available worldwide, however crypto assets may be regulated and taxed in your country. Self-Psych and the Help Reward Token team can not be held liable for any taxes you may incur.

What if I don’t pass the Self-Psych quiz?

There Are No Losers – Only Users. Taking the quiz is fun and easy. Simply follow the simple instructions, answer a few short questions, post a short message (that we provide) to your favorite social media account, email the quiz to the email address provided and earn HELP Rewards. It’s just that simple. Start earning today!