Purpose in Life Quiz

How can I tell if I have meaning and purpose in my life?

The following short quiz has statements from two different but related scales. One set of statements, 1 through 5, measures meaningfulness and belongingness. The second set, 6 through 10, measures whether you are undergoing a crisis of meaning, in other words, having an empty and meaningless life. Print this page out and determine whether you agree or disagree about each of the following statements by writing an A (for Agree) or D (for Disagree) in the spaces. Keep the page handy and refer to it weekly.

___ I think there is meaning in what I do.

___ I have a task in life.

___ I feel part of a bigger picture.

___ I lead a fulfilled life.

___ I think my life has a deeper meaning.

___ When I think about the meaning of life, I find only emptiness.

___ My life seems meaningless.

___ I suffer from the fact that I don’t see any point to life.

___ I don’t see any sense in life.

___ My life seems totally empty.

If you disagree with any of the first five statements and if you agree with any of the last five statements, you should make it a priority to pursue the meaning of life.

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This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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