How to Take a Crypto Quiz

How to Take a Crypto Quiz

Make your learning experience more exciting by implementing these quick and easy steps to make your experience fun, and earn Help Reward Tokens for FREE! Our simple system is guaranteed to give you a Happy Face! Just by answering a few questions about what you learned from our articles. Your personal data is completely private, and never shared with anyone.

  1. Choose an article from this link
    read it, then take the short quiz.
  2. Post a simple comment on your social media site.
  3. Provide us with a link to your social media post.
  4. Done – you just earned FREE Crypto Help Rewards!

This simple system was designed to give meaning to your situation, boost your mood, relieve some stress, and help promote a positive attitude. Plus retain what you just learned of course.  



This quiz is NOT a diagnostic tool. Mental health disorders can only be diagnosed by a licensed mental health provider or doctor.  

  1. Your Name _____________________________________________________
  2. Enter Article Title _____________________________________________________
  3. What did you learn from the article?

a. Did the article give you insight about depression? _________________________________________________________

b. Do you know that being depressed is not your fault? _________________________________________________________

c. Do you understand that some days are better than others? _________________________________________________________

d. Do you know that keeping a daily mood diary can help you stay positive? _________________________________________________________

END OF QUIZ – Great job!

4. Now share the following on your favorite social site: “Wow! I found a great site to reduce my bad mood days.” Visit

5. Give us the link to your post __________________________________________

6. Enter your complete Crypto Wallet address (26 to 35 characters) to receive your HELP Rewards. Just copy and paste.        _________________________________________________________

You will receive your rewards in 3 – 5 days

Your privacy is important to us. All results are completely anonymous. Your data is secure and not shared with anyone.


Don’t have a crypto wallet?

We recommend METAMASK

Your wallet must support our BEP-20-based HELP  Reward Token (most wallets do).

Now just email the Wallet address to us so we can add your tokens to it.


Please Note:

Cryptocurrency may be unregulated in your jurisdiction. Profits may be subject to capital gains or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction. Self-Psych and the Help Reward Token team can not be held liable for any taxes you may incur.