Type A people tend to be extremely competitive and self critical. They constantly strive toward goals without feeling a sense of joy in their efforts or accomplishments. Check the items that apply to you. Do You… Are You a Type A? If most of this list applies to you, youContinue Reading

Psychology can assist organizations in various ways: by selecting and assessing employees, identifying job skills, selecting recruiting methods, evaluating employees, training new employees, and appraising their performance.  Compare Groups As a manager, you would identify a group of your most efficient people in any role, i.e., the people you wouldContinue Reading

Employee satisfaction describes whether employees are happy and fulfilling their desires and requirements at work. Improving employee job satisfaction reduces turnover, and increases internal promotions. Similar to Abraham Maslow’s “A Theory of Human Motivation,” there is a hierarchy of needs that can help employees feel valued and fulfilled at work.Continue Reading