Self-blaming is simply finding fault with yourself. To hold yourself responsible for your actions when bad things happen to you. Ordinarily this would be an admirable quality. Knowing that you did something wrong is a useful lesson learned, so as not to repeat the same mistake. Guilt and self-blaming keepsContinue Reading

In Psychology, the word aggression has a more precise meaning than it does in everyday usage. Aggression is the most destructive force in our social relations. However, the assertive, persistent salesman is not aggressive, nor is the dentist who gives you occasional pain while sitting in the dental chair. TheContinue Reading

Testosterone heightens dominance and aggression. These traits boost testosterone levels. Alcohol also unleashes aggressive behavior. People who have been drinking alcohol commit 40 percent of the violent crimes and 75 percent of spousal abuse (Greenfield, 1998). Frustration creates anger which can also cause aggression. We all have organisms that oftenContinue Reading