Holistic Therapy

Our discussion of the various therapeutic approaches includes Holistic Therapy, which attempts to address an individual as a whole person rather than as someone who is psychologically ill, i.e., needing to be cured or fixed. Instead of separating psychological problems into a different component, Holistic Therapy attempts to address the person in terms of the interaction between: the brain, thoughts, feelings, perceptions and emotions; the physical body and the spirit as a whole.

There are six groups of techniques used in Holistic Therapy:

  • The Clarification Process
  • Chua K’a
  • Exercise
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition

The six techniques work together to help cleanse, energize and balance yourself..

The Clarification Process helps an individual to understand the effects of their assumptions (or mental structures), unresolved emotional conflicts, and their expectations. By clearly isolating and examining their belief systems, the person can begin to see patterns of behavior and the effects these patterns have on their life.

Psychic Cleansing  

One of the dimensions of the clarification  process is accomplished by releasing distress associated with past traumatic events. In many cases, the trauma has been so intense that the person retains only a vague, murky recollection of the incident and has a strong aversion to recalling any of its details. The cleansing process helps trigger clearer memories. It is similar to reviewing a movie rerun of an incident that was uncomfortable and confusing when first experienced but becomes comprehensible, even humorous, when viewed with detachment and objectivity. The “rerun” is introduced verbally by the person with the counselor giving technical advice on ways of getting clarity. The catharsis occurs when the person locates the point of impact where the distress was first experienced and is able to identify the fears and belief structure crystallized in that moment.

The person, guided by the counselor, learns to defuse the highly charged emotions associated with the original trauma. The result is the ability to recall the incident with detachment and objectivity.

Maps of Consciousness

Another aspect of the clarification process is providing the individual with information about the Maps of Consciousness. A number of charts or templates for measuring the territory of the psyche are communicated when relevant. The most commonly used are: Levels of Subjectivity, the Systems of the Body, the Domains of Consciousness, the Personality Types or “fixations,” and the Doors of Compensation – ways we attempt to alleviate the pain. 

With this additional information, the person begins seeing their behavior in greater perspective, increasing their understanding thus allowing change to occur.

Chua K’a

An ancient Mongolian method of Ritual Massage used to eliminate fear from the body before battle. In Holistic Therapy, the mind and body are viewed as one. If the physical body is constricted, inelastic or imbalanced, so is the mind. “When we liberate the tensions in our body, we also liberate psychic tensions, because every group of muscular cells is connected to our brain.” Chua K’a is a basic form of muscle-tension release used in Holistic Counseling. Its function is to release tension stored in the body. To cleanse the body of toxins, and to restore maximum flexibility of thought as well as of action. After pressure is applied along the bones, more vitality is experienced within the body. Muscles and tendons return to their proper positions, and the body/mind become an effective, healthy instrument for perceiving and responding to the world.


The third technique (health permitting) is very important because the body must be kept in good physical condition if it is to be psychologically healthy. Healthy Holistic Counseling emphasizes the use of such activities as psycho-calisthenics, yoga and T’ai Chi Chuan. All of these forms increase the flexibility and elasticity of the body, restore and maintain the balance of the body and psyche, increase the flow of vital energy, and elicit a sense of inner calm.


The fourth technique is also important and does not mean laying on the couch watching your favorite sitcom on television or streaming a movie. Just as exercise conditions and relaxes the body. There are others that are taught because their primary benefit is relaxation. Included in this group are breathing and deep muscle relaxation exercises. Many people who are unfamiliar with these simple and effective methods of relaxing and regenerating, benefit greatly from this instruction.


Three types of meditation are used to activate the healing energies within the body. They include: meditations with repeated words or phrases (mantra) that are used to quiet the endless, useless chatter in one’s head; meditations with precise body positions that are used to make one’s body receptive to positive emotions; and meditations with visualizations and visual symbols that awaken the body’s natural healing energies. These meditations are selectively taught and assigned to complement the work of the sessions.


The idea that proper nutrition is the primary source of energy upon which our physical and mental wellness depends is gaining wide acceptance. However, most people are still unaware of the benefits of certain foods and the dangers of the chemical/commercial food production and preparation process. The Holistic Therapist devotes attention to such areas as well as to food additives, preservatives, and to the importance of the periodic cleansing diets or fasts.

The Bottom Line

Holistic Therapy is beneficial for persons suffering from physiological disorders such as hypertension, arthritis, and colitis as well as post-and-pre-heart attack, and people prepared to adopt a definitive program of stress reduction. Business and professional individuals experiencing situational depression, those experiencing tension headaches or extreme body tensions have found relief and obtained insights into more satisfying living. Businessmen and women experiencing anxiety or indecision about career choices, as well as those in the throes of mid-life and aging crises, have gained assistance from Holistic Counseling, couples who have found their relationships in difficulty or on the edge of failure have found ways of resolving their situations.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope the information can guide you toward improving your life.

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