Because the human brain – the source of our mental life – is such a remarkable organ, it is important to have a good understanding of how it operates. Knowledge about how it’s put together and the regions having greater responsibility for the varied aspects of our psycholoigcal experience helpContinue Reading

We can think of the brain as a powerful computer in our head that analyzes our thoughts and senses, and controls the body’s functions and our nervous system. The spinal cord is like a network that relays messages and impulses to every part of the body. Billions of neurons connectContinue Reading

It’s a sad fact that we lose brain matter as we enter old age. This loss, while measurable, is not linear or even predictable. Through analyzing brain MRI scans of thousands of elderly people, we know that the average sixty-five-year-old is shedding brain matter at the rate of about 0.5Continue Reading

Just like an ocean, life has rhythmic tides. Over various time periods, our body and mind fluctuates. These biological rhythms – biorhythms are controlled by our “internal clocks” and include long and short cycles: Annual cycles – Typical annual cycles influence most animals and plant life. Cycles influence the migrationContinue Reading

Our magnificent brain is an extraordinarily complex organ. Minor damage to the brain’s frontal lobes can cause one’s personality and emotional life to change dramatically. Reasoning or planning may also be affected (Goel & Dolan, 2004). Drug abuse can also damage this important part of the brain (Liu et al,Continue Reading

The connection between what you eat and why it affects how you feel has long been established. It is unfortunate that people suffering with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or addiction rarely have the energy or enthusiasm to prepare healthy meals. It is just easier toContinue Reading

The forebrain is the largest region of your brain and the highest of the three regions. It sits above the midbrain and is the most complex of the three major sections. Accordingly it has more subregions with more sophisticated capacities. The forebrain contains the entire cerebrum and several structures directlyContinue Reading