Endogenous Opiates

Our brain produces natural or Endogenous Opiates (endorphins), that are involved in pain relief and reinforcement. These affect a man’s feelings when seeing an attractive woman – different from the feelings he derives from an orgasm. 

Sexual Arousal vs Euphoria

The chemical difference between the two feelings is produced because sexual arousal is the result of a combination of testosterone, dopamine and norepinephrine surges, while the euphoria experienced during an orgasm is due to the release of Endogenous Opiates. All occurring in tiny areas of our brain.

Neurological Preparation

Contrary to popular belief, more is not necessarily better. The male brain is not made to achieve orgasms on demand. The male brain requires neurological preparation by priming of testosterone, dopamine and norepinephrine prior to endogenous release of opiates.

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