Exhibitionistic Disorder is a mental health condition, a Paraphilia marked by the need to indecently expose one’s genitals to others, typically unsuspecting strangers caught off guard, in an attempt to gain some self-sexual gratification.  Young and Older Men The vast majority of people who exhibit these tendencies are young adultContinue Reading

The word Fetish, meaning an object that causes sexual arousal or a source of sexual satisfaction, is attributed to Alfred Binet (1857-1911), an early pioneer of psychology who is best known for his studies of human intelligence, learning  and mental abilities as well as developing the earliest I.Q. tests. EarlyContinue Reading

Frotteuristic Disorder is a mental health condition. A paraphilia in which a person derives sexual pleasure or gratification by moving or rubbing himself, or his genitalia, against another non-consenting person, usually in an overly crowded elevator, bus, subway or other public place.  Frotteuristic Disorder generally occurs with men at anyContinue Reading

Some individuals derive intense and recurring sexual arousal from dressing in clothes of the opposite sex. Also known as cross-dressing or transvestism. This arousal is often accompanied by fantasies, urges, or behaviors. (APA, 2013, 2012) Mostly Men The typical individual with transvestic disorder is almost always a heterosexual male whoContinue Reading

Voyeuristic Disorder is a mental condition, a paraphilia marked with a preoccupation with fantasies and acts that involve observance of people who are naked or engaged in grooming or sexual activity. What once was simply the classic “Peeping Tom” has been greatly impacted by technology and has migrated and morphedContinue Reading

Self-blaming is simply finding fault with yourself. To hold yourself responsible for your actions when bad things happen to you. Ordinarily this would be an admirable quality. Knowing that you did something wrong is a useful lesson learned, so as not to repeat the same mistake. Guilt and self-blaming keepsContinue Reading