Illness Anxiety Disorder (IAD) is an anxiety disorder where a person is overly preoccupied with having or getting a medical illness or disease, despite having few or no symptoms. Illness Anxiety Disorder is a fairly recent term, previously referred to as hypochondriasis or hypochondria. Despite having no or only mildContinue Reading

Somatoform Symptom Disorder (SSD) is a mental disorder that occurs when an individual feels extremely exaggerated anxiety about physical symptoms – to a point where they feel they cannot perform some normal activities in their daily life. The Real Problem A person with SSD believes their medical problems are lifeContinue Reading

Self-blaming is simply finding fault with yourself. To hold yourself responsible for your actions when bad things happen to you. Ordinarily this would be an admirable quality. Knowing that you did something wrong is a useful lesson learned, so as not to repeat the same mistake. Guilt and self-blaming keepsContinue Reading