Empathy means having a capacity for taking another person’s point of view, or the ability to feel what someone else is feeling. Empathetic people are good at reading facial expressions, tone of voice, body language and other signs of someone else’s emotion. Empathetic arousal occurs when you feel some ofContinue Reading

Here is a list of feelings that may be difficult for people with problem behaviors such as drug abuse or excessive drinking. There are many words to describe feelings. Some are big, some are small. And some have similar meanings but do vary slightly. Identify Your Feelings Identifying the wordsContinue Reading

Numerous scholarly studies have been conducted regarding risks and perceptions. A survey conducted by the Oregon Research Institute became the standard on public perceptions and bias. Participants were asked to consider pairs of causes of death. For each pair, the more frequent cause and estimation ratio were indicated. These resultsContinue Reading

The word desire is one of the basic terms in psychology that covers a wide range of phenomena such as wanting, needing, craving and wishing. All of these are discussed in connection with theories of instinct and emotion, libido and love, motivation and purpose. All of Us Have Desires AccordingContinue Reading