Wellness, Positive Psychology

Wellness is a positive state of good health. But not just the absence of disease. Truly healthy people are able to enjoy a state of well-being. Maintaining wellness should be a lifelong pursuit and hopefully a labor of love, not just an avoidance of illness.

People who have a sense of wellness are generally healthy – both physically and psychologically. They are happy, optimistic, self-confident individuals with the ability to bounce back emotionally from adversity (Tugane, Fredrickson & Barrett, 2004).

People who enjoy a sense of well-being also have supportive relationships with friends and family. They live in a clean, stress-free environment and do meaningful work. Many of these aspects of wellness are located throughout this website as well as the special attention we have given to the effect that stress has on our health. Read more helpful insights at Happiness and Self-Actualization.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life. Review our Knowledge Base or the links displayed on this page for similar and related topics.