Many people are able to pick themselves up and carry on with their lives, even after experiencing an emotional situation such as an unloved or abusive childhood; the death of a family member; rejection by someone special; job loss; legal or financial difficulties; or a traumatic event.  However, picking oneselfContinue Reading is a practical, self-help online tool that people use to address and understand a wide spectrum of mental health issues. From anger, addiction, anxiety, and depression, to behavior, dieting and eating disorders, relationship and employment issues, grief, parenting, purpose and motivation… and so much more.  Identify and Understand UsingContinue Reading

Are you having a serious problem with your life? Are you feeling a little down or unsure? Maybe you’re trying to deal with a disappointment that’s been handed to you? We are going to assume that because you’re visiting you or someone you’re close to is experiencing a problem.Continue Reading

Here at we offer what we believe are the best aspects of various psychotherapy approaches: those with emphasis on people’s inherent potential for self-fulfillment. Our aim is to help people grow in self-awareness and self-acceptance, and to reduce those conflicts that impede one’s natural developmental growth. We believe thatContinue Reading

Everyone is unique and as a result, so are their emotional problems. Therefore there can never be a one-size-fits-all solution. Something has been troubling you or a loved one. Something has to change in your life but you might not be sure what it is or how to go aboutContinue Reading

You are probably visiting because you are feeling emotionally out of sorts. You may be depressed, angry, anxious, worried, confused, frustrated, grieving, upset, tired, sad, over-weight, guilty, ashamed, or scared. Or you may be a bit of a procrastinator, perhaps a perfectionist, have low self-esteem, an addiction, harmful badContinue Reading

Worry is the primary symptom of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. You might have a problem with worry if you have excess apprehension or avoidance for more days than not during the past six months. Seriously anxious people have difficulty being able to control their worry and typically suffer with sleep interruptions,Continue Reading