Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), also called clinical depression, is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and a general loss of interest. It produces a serious low mood and a virtual abandonment of the things that ordinarily interest the individual, or gives them pleasure on a regular basis. This level of depression continues often from the time the person awakens, throughout the day until they are able to sleep. It can last for days – even weeks.


The depressed person also experiences an extreme form of fatigue and might not want to, or is not able to get out of bed. They may have a very low opinion of themselves, often describing themselves as worthless, blaming themselves for every problem they have. They may also have distinctly altered sleeping patterns, a loss of their appetite and weight or the reverse – a completely ravenous appetite with visible signs of weight gain. They may also have difficulties concentrating or making decisions.

Relationships Take a Hit

Major Depressive Disorder affects individuals in its own unique way. However, all forms of depression disrupt a person’s thoughts, their body, their relationships of all types, as well as their individual behavior.

Seriously depressed people tend to dwell on negativity from both themselves and from those around them, often unconsciously extracting negative comments from those who are close to them in order to justify their own negativity. This can eventually take a toll on those around the depressed person.

Dark Despair

The dark depths of hopelessness that a person experiences with this disorder is hard for the inexperienced to imagine or deal with. The person can feel literally wrung out and squeezed like an orange of all the things that were once pleasant. The person could describe their depression as being at the bottom of a deep, dark well with no way out. A condition that makes caring for themselves difficult if not impossible. They may try, but maintaining a job might not be possible. Each day of dark despair runs into the next, negativity spawning more negativity, often having thoughts of suicide swirling in their head.

Get Help Now

Sensations such as this demand immediate professional help. Untreated conditions can lead to major psychosis, where the person is not in a state of reality. They being to hear voices that have a controlling nature. They may say or think unnatural phrases, becoming paranoid, not trusting anyone. They may believe they are so ill they are about to die, or have bizarre delusions. This condition is extremely dangerous. If you or anyone you know even suspects a Major Depressive Disorder is present, seek immediate professional help.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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