Mini Mindful Muscle Relaxation Exercise

When your time is at a premium but you still wish to relax, here is a great, abbreviated and progressive muscle relaxation technique to relax your body quickly.

Begin this relaxation training session with a 10-minute Mindful Breathing exercise (time permitting). Shorten the session as desired. The same muscle groups will be used as in the Mindful Relaxation session. As you work each muscle group, do two cycles of tensing and relaxing. Tighten each muscle group for seven seconds, then abruptly release and relax them for twenty seconds, the repeat the complete cycle one additional time. There are two cycles per muscle group. Each time you tense a muscle group, contract or tighten them as much as you can, without straining any muscles. Read the following instructions at least once.

To begin – make tight fists while flexing your biceps (the front part of your upper arm) and your forearms. Hold this tense position for seven seconds then abruptly release and relax, then repeat the cycle once. 

Next – press your head back as far as you can. Roll your head clockwise once in a complete circle, then roll your head counter clockwise one complete circle. While you are doing your head rolls, scrunch up your entire face to meet the tip of your nose. Next, tense your throat and jaw muscles while hunching your shoulders up, hold for seven seconds, then abruptly release and relax, then repeat the cycle once.

Next – gently arch your back as you take a deep breath, hold for seven seconds, then release and relax for twenty seconds, only push your abdomen out as you exhale, then relax for twenty seconds.

Finally – point your toes upward toward your face while tightening your shin and calf muscles, then release and relax. Next, curl your toes while tightening your calf, thigh and buttock muscles. Hold for seven seconds, then release and relax. Take a long, deep breath, gently shake out your arms and legs, and… Enjoy the rest of your Mindful day.

Always check with your doctor, if you are in doubt, before starting an exercise program, especially if you are overweight, over 40 years of age or have health problems. Also, consult your doctor if you experience any pain, nausea or dizziness.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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