Positive Attitudes

In order to succeed in your quest to change your life, you must first change your attitude. But which attitude? Understanding the following eight Positive Attitudes will help you throughout your entire life:


Honesty simply means – free of deception, having integrity, being truthful and honorable, upright and sincere. You know you are struggling with Honesty when you distort the truth in order to get people to think the way you want them to think, or when you lie to others or yourself, or when no one believes what you say. It also applies when you manipulate others to see you by exaggerating your success and downplaying your shortcomings.


Responsibility simply means – being responsible. To be called upon to answer for your actions or obligations, being reliable, and able to choose between right and wrong for yourself. You know you are struggling with Responsibility when people can’t depend on you, when you make excuses or blame your problems on other people, or when you judge other people’s behaviors rather than concentrating on your own.


Willingness simply means – a desire that is often combined with determination, having the mental powers of intention, being able to control one’s own actions and emotions. You know you are struggling with Willingness when you don’t make an effort, when you cut corners and try to get by with putting in the least effort, your motivation slips, or when working towards changing, your life stops being a priority.


Open-Mindedness simply means – being free from rigidly fixed preconceptions. In other words, not being closed-minded. You know you are struggling with Open-Mindedness when you get argumentative like when you don’t agree with someone’s idea or proposal, you find fault with everyone’s ideas, or when you are reluctant to look at your life and your past in a new way.


Humility simply means – being humble, being unassuming, not overly proud, not acting like you are better than others. You know you are struggling with Humility when you have a hard time admitting your faults or weaknesses, you criticize those who criticize your faults, you decide that you can change your life and you don’t need anyone’s help to solve your problems.


Caring simply means – to feel a liking or fondness for, or you take an interest in someone or something. You know you are struggling with Caring when you don’t bother to show concern, you put your own interests first and ignore the needs of others, you forget to treat others with courtesy or respect, as in not paying attention when someone is speaking or telling you about a problem.


Objectivity simply means – dealing with facts without distortion through personal feelings or prejudices, not being biased, being unselfish or being able to see the bigger picture and your place in it. You know you are struggling with Objectivity when you believe your opinions are always correct, you jump to conclusions before knowing all the facts, you have a negative outlook, always expecting the worst, or when you make poor decisions, or over-react to small problems.


Gratitude simply means – being grateful, appreciative or thankful, going out of your way to show your appreciation. You know you are struggling with Gratitude when you are negative, pessimistic or feel sorry for yourself, you feel resentment against people, you complain a lot and get easily annoyed, or you start to doubt whether your life is ever going to change after all.

Change depends on living each day of your life, one day at a time. You can’t change the past and you can’t control tomorrow but you can be responsible for today. Each day ask yourself if you are living the way that supports your happiness or are you sliding back into your old ways?

Were You Honest Today?

Let’s use Honesty as an example, ask yourself if you were honest or dishonest today. If you were dishonest, what could you have changed to have been honest? What faulty thinking stopped you from being honest? What can you do to make amends for your dishonesty?

Now ask yourself similar questions for the remaining seven attitudes. Then look at your recent behavior. Ask yourself if you are on a path to change? Don’t be frustrated if you don’t like your answer or what you see. Change isn’t easy but neither is the alternative.

You made great progress today just by understanding these eight important attitudes of change. Self-Psych.com is right alongside you on your path to change.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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