Breaking Bad Habits

We all develop habits, good and bad, throughout our lives. Frequent repetition of the same thinking and behavior patterns is how habits are formed. Practicing faulty thinking and behavior over long periods becomes engrained and is part of our second-nature.

So, if that is true, the same frequent repetition can be used to change negative habits into positive ones. This includes changing the way we think, regardless of how long we’ve practiced poor thinking habits.

Common Thinking Errors

Take a few moments to review the most common thinking errors. See if you recognize or use any of them yourself. Write down two or three that have become habits over the years. If there are more than three you can go back to the list and repeat this process later.

First, write down next to each thinking error how each one affects your behavior, your current behavior and next to that statement, write how you wish your behavior to change to your desired behavior.

“I Can’t”

Let’s use “I can’t” as our thinking error example. It is a very common thinking error. You could write your current behavior as “something you can’t do correctly makes you feel angry and frustrated.” Your desired behavior could be written as “I can do anything that I set my mind to.” Continue this process with the thinking errors that you regularly use.

Re-educating Yourself

You have just begun the process of re-educating yourself. Re-education is very similar to education. During the education process, we learn something for the first time. We receive factual information or direction. Then we practice and then practice some more. When we get it right, we start to feel comfortable. We feel proud of our accomplishments and over time it becomes a habit that feels natural.

New Positive Habits

Re-education is exactly the same process only with another added feature. Although you practice, you experience anxiety and discomfort. At this point it is important for you to remain focused and determined to change. Continue to practice. You will eventually feel comfortable and establish a new, positive habit.

Rational Thinking

Positive lifestyle changes do not come easily, including changing the way you think. You will always feel a little uncomfortable during the re-education process. But, remember, you had the ability to learn the bad habit. You also have the strength and ability to exchange the negative habit, irrational thinking, for a positive habit, rational thinking.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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