Shopping Addiction is unlike what is typically considered a psychological disorder. After all, we are all encouraged to shop. Shopping is an honorable thing. When we think of addictions, back room gambling and smoke-filled bars come to mind – and of course drug addiction. Not very honorable activities. Kid inContinue Reading

Habits are learned behaviors, or behavior patterns unlike instincts and motivations, that are embedded genetic traits. Habits are acquired by frequent use and repetition, as in an addiction or in swearing, for example that make up the structure of one’s personality. Primal vs Inherited Habits are dictated by these fourContinue Reading

Children with Less Screen Time Have Improved Cognition Children aged 8-11 who sleep nine to eleven hours per night experience better cognition and academic performance if they have at least one hour of physical activity during the day and spend less than two hours watching a computer or smartphone screen.Continue Reading