Improve Your Child’s Cognition

Children with Less Screen Time Have Improved Cognition

Children aged 8-11 who sleep nine to eleven hours per night experience better cognition and academic performance if they have at least one hour of physical activity during the day and spend less than two hours watching a computer or smartphone screen. Other areas of improvement include reaction time, attention, memory and inhibition, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health that focused on 4,500 children. The article was published in the journal The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health and reported in a recent USA Today article.

The story indicated that children who spent more than 2 hours in front of a computer or smartphone screen were linked to poorer cognition rates that children who less time in front of a screen. However more research is needed to study the impact of different forms of screen time, such as educational versus entertainment experiences, according to Jeremy Walsh, the lead author of the Cheo Research Institute in Ottawa, Canada.

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