Emotional Healing

How many people are able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and carry on with their lives after experiencing the death of a family member, rejection by someone special, a job loss, an unloved childhood, or a traumatic event? Picking oneself up doesn’t mean the emotions are healed though.

Personality Changes

Unresolved emotional issues can remain locked up deep inside your body and mind for many years, causing changes to your personality. Disturbing memories or feelings that you still hang on to can cause emotional reactions leading to problematic and irrational thinking and behavior. Unhealed emotions can be the underlying cause in dysfunctional relationships, job loss, anger, depression, anxiety, and other physical and mental disorders.

Explore Your Mind

Therefore it is important to make time to explore your own issues so that you can understand them, learn from them, have the opportunity to heal yourself. and move forward with your life. It’s important to remain focused on the fact that the underlying drive for all human beings is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. With age comes the wisdom that makes it easier for you to identify things that will bring you happiness, and make you nimble enough to avoid people, places and things that can cause you pain and disappointment. 

Self-Psych.com can help you explore, identify and achieve emotional healing with the problem areas of your life. We understand that taking the first step is the most difficult part of a journey. We salute and thank you for allowing Self-Psych.com to be with you on your journey. We want to help you free yourself from heavy past burdens, to take control of your life and show you ways to bring peace and enjoyment to your life. 

Tools for Transformation

We offer a wide variety of groundbreaking viewpoints, ideas, methods and tools to transform the way you think about and manage the events, memories and concerns of your life. Self-Psych.com incorporates not only the latest thinking of today’s psychologists, but also the theories and wisdom of ancient philosophers, thinkers and teachers.

Self-Psych.com is comprehensive; encompassing hundreds of feature articles, facts, helpful tools and eye-opening reports on hundreds of mental and physical health, social and relationship issues. All accessible with easy, thoughtful navigation and a constantly expanding knowledge base that we hope will enable you to heal and come to terms with areas of your life that you may be struggling with or have not worked out the way you wanted. 

Every Person is Unique

People encounter a wide range of emotional experiences, from everyday irritations, disappointments, anger and stress, to life-altering traumatic events and tragedies. While we are fully aware that every person is unique, their personal struggle is also. We can’t possibly cover every situation in complete detail. However, we do include a wide range of the most recurring issues from society that have overlapping symptoms, similarities and possible solutions.

We sincerely hope that you can adapt the options and tools we share with you to suit your own specific situations and begin to find healing. Also included are additional resource lists of books, websites, podcasts and organizations that can further support your healing.

Take a Tour

We suggest that you take a tour of our knowledge base and navigation to view the subject matter. Then take some time, perhaps take a short walk outside to reflect quietly and peacefully how these topics impact your own life or someone you know who may be experiencing something that perhaps you noticed. 

You may find topics that bring some old wounds to the surface. It is not our intent to bring you pain. Our intent is to show you how to manage, observe and accept your thoughts and feelings for what they are. Take a time out from this learning. Discuss what you learned with a friend or partner. Then return at your leisure. You may learn things here that bring you to the conclusion that you don’t have the strength to heal yourself. Seeking professional counseling can provide you with a safe environment in which to discuss your feelings and find your way through to healing.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope the information can guide you toward improving your life.

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