Panic Attacks (with Agoraphobia)

Many people suffer from chronic anxiety and sudden panic plus the intense fear of the attack happening in a public place, away from their home, such as in a shopping mall, bus, train or airplane or movie theater. Symptoms of agoraphobia include: fear of being left alone, fear of losing control in public, a feeling of detachment from others, feeling helpless and adrift, feeling that your body or the environment is not real. This individual rarely leaves home and avoids going out at all.

Causes: Heredity, Stress

The cause of panic attacks is unknown. Some research suggests there may be a genetic link. However, some people diagnosed with the disorder do not have other family members with the disorder. Stress may play a role in bringing on the disorder. Many people first experience attacks while going through intensely stressful periods, such as the death of a family member, divorce, job loss, or some major disappointment in their normal life.

About 6 million adults in the United States have a panic disorder. Anyone can develop the disorder. However, it is more predominant in women than men

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