Hallucinations are imaginary sensations that can involve one or more senses, such as seeing, hearing, or smelling things that don’t exist. Hearing voices is a common hallucination. Sometimes voices command people to hurt themselves. Sometimes they obey the command (Barron Cliff & Hadduck, 2006). Some psychotic people feel bugs crawling on or under their skin, or they smell gas their supposed enemies are using against them. Some experience sensory changes, such as numbness, or feelings of intense heat or cold. Some even think they are experiencing amnesia.

Word Fruit Salad

Other psychotic episodes include wild elation, deep depression, hyperemotion or the opposite, like a flat, frozen blank expression. Brain scans taken during frozen-face episodes reveal abnormal functions in different areas of the brain responsible for processing emotions (Fahim et al, 2005). Often, communication is extremely garbled, resembling a “word fruit salad,” even primitive.

Definition of Psychosis

Personality disintegration occurs when your thoughts, actions, and emotions are fragmented, i.e., no longer coordinated. Thinking, memory and attention have broken with reality. When such disturbances remain for weeks or months at a time, the person is said to be suffering psychosis (DSM-IV-TR, 2000). See Warning Signs of Psychotic Disorders.

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