Negative self-defeating thoughts are the basis of depression. Depressed people see themselves and the world around them – as well as the future – in negative terms. This occurs because of major distortions in thinking. The first distortion is selective perception i.e., perceving only certain stimuli in a larger array.Continue Reading

Many people live most of their lives coping with long periods of anxiety, stress, sadness, spiralling downward into unexplained unhappiness. Mental and physical exhaustion even approaches the level of clinical depression. Whether the reasons are a fast paced life or intense work responsibilites, financial strain, relationship problems or disillusionment withContinue Reading

Yes, it is possible that you can fight mild depression without the use of drugs, without tricks, without feeling weak or hopeless and beat it. It happens everyday. Over two thousand years ago, Epictetus, (1st and early 2nd centuries C.E.), a philosopher in ancient Greece, proclaimed that “men are disturbedContinue Reading