Relationship Joy

Imagine your relationship full of joy, happiness and fulfillment. If it’s already close to this you are obviously doing the right things everyday. If however, your relationship is far from joyful and happy then it’s time to go to work. But just what does it take? What it takes, is a complete change in the way you interact with your partner. What it takes is an understanding of how you currently relate, and how you once did way back when you first met. What it takes, is your commitment to bring a new spirit to your relationship.

It’s Not Too Late

Your relationship may be boring, tired, filled with bitterness, resentment, anger, frustration and constant blaming. That is how it was. But today is a new day and time to turn the page on how things used to be. It’s not too late and it’s not unreasonable to want and expect a happy, loving and fulfilling relationship.

Starting today you have been given a new role but don’t think of it as a job. Think of it as an exciting new life everyday. Your new role is to find ways to enhance your relationship as if you were courting your partner, and that you want them close, happy and in your life. Think back to when you were dating your partner and how fun life seemed. Isn’t it worth a try?

Hugs and Kisses Every Day

Here’s how to begin. You need to start each day, at an appropriate time, with a big hug and kiss and tell your partner that you love them, whether it’s a moment of sweet affection with your morning coffee or as you are leaving for work. Then. later in the day call them once or twice just to tell them you were thinking of them. And, no matter what their reaction, your new function is to enhance your relationship every day. Make your partner feel alive and important. This means even during disagreements. Put a positive, up-lifting twist on the discussion. Even suggest going out for a delicious coffee to continue the discussion. If it’s near dinner or lunch time, suggest a quaint eatery nearby, even if it’s just a burger, and for a little surprise maybe stop for an ice cream cone for dessert. The idea is to put a smile on your partner’s face. Your function is to turn ordinary into something special, to turn anything negative into something positive. Instead of being critical, offer praise and compliments. Your role is to enhance and promote your partner’s self-esteem by putting a silver lining around every cloud.

Are You Acting Weird?

By now, no doubt, you must be thinking these ideas are silly, or they are contrary to your personality, or your partner will think you’re acting weird. You may even be thinking that you can’t possibly keep a positive attitude with all of the horrible things your partner has been saying or doing. Unless your partner is doing things that are dangerous or harmful to you or your children in some way, your new function is to give your partner a feeling of self-worth and confidence, and to enhance their self-esteem. You want your partner to feel special, valuable, wanted and happy to be spending their life with you and vice versa.

Occasional Challenges

Now it’s one thing to be loving and enhance your partner’s feelings during times when everything seems to be running smoothly but remembering your new role when there are problems and disturbances could be a challenge for you.

When your partner has acted in some outrageous way or done or said something irresponsible or disappointing, you must respond in a way that lets them know your displeasure. That what they’ve done is unacceptable, and you won’t tolerate it, because you know they are a better person than this. That you won’t let them be less than what they are, and you expect them to be that better person.

No Hidden Agenda

There is no ulterior motive or hidden agenda here. There is no score-keeping of pleasantries or tabulating of weekly hugs and kisses. There is no “your turn” or “my turn.” The objective is to build a relationship of joy, happiness and fulfillment by focusing on and enhancing your best friend and partner’s self-esteem. Make them feel wanted and needed the way it once was. Your relationship, no matter how it was yesterday, is now a nurturing environment. Your positive actions will begin to swirl around both of you. Your partner will slowly reciprocate, and your relationship will soon be vibrant, healthy, happy and full of joy. 

Why not start today?

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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