Learning Meditation

If your desire to learn about meditation brought you to Self-Psych.com or you feel that something is wrong in your life and you seek change, you have taken a very significant step. You’re understanding that something about your life is out of balance.

Busy Busy

Your life, like most, is probably filled with clutter. You are constantly busy – driving, texting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, getting the kids ready for school –, on and on. There never seems to be any time left for you. But something good happened today. Something spurred you into taking action and visiting Self-Psych.com. You actually made time for yourself. You became aware of your consciousness. 

The Hidden You

The whole point of meditation is to enable yourself to become aware of your own consciousness and to introduce yourself to your larger self. Becoming aware of your consciousness at a fundamental level will lead you to see the real you, the complete you, the you that you’ve hidden away. The you that is sacred and soiled. Becoming aware of yourself is not easy, and without the Ego to hide the scary parts, it can be a very ugly sight. 

Self Discovery

The purpose of meditation is to lead you to experience your consciousness, by turning off the surrounding clutter, noise, and all the other activity that makes up your busy life. 

Simply put, meditation is an act of not doing. It is an exercise in removing just enough of the clutter in your mind to get a glimpse of the real you. Meditation allows you to see that you are much more than all of that clutter and noise. Meditation is self-discovery.

No Rush

If your desire to know yourself and to know the truth about yourself is not strong enough to provide you with the necessary focus to succeed, don’t get discouraged. If you just aren’t ready, don’t worry, there’s no reason to rush. Meditation will work wonderfully when you are ready.

Once you realize that all the clutter and noise in your life is mostly irrelevant, you can begin to experience the still center of yourself. Eventually, after some practice, you’ll let go of the busy clutter and explore that quiet place to truly learn about yourself.

Your Mantra

Meditation usually begins by closing your eyes and closing out the outside world. Start by reciting your “mantra,” your special word or sound that means absolutely nothing – usually two syllables that has a vibrational quality to it. The entire point of the mantra is to reduce outside noise and distractions. The important thing is to relax. Find a comfortable chair, or a quiet place indoors or outside. Concentrate on the sound of your mantra. Use the mantra to block outside sounds and distractions. Continue this quiet, peaceful process for 20-30 minutes twice each day for three months. Each session will be slightly different. You can begin to concentrate on simple images as long as they don’t interrupt your tranquility. What you are trying to achieve is complete thoughtlessness. Do not try to analyze or judge your progress. Just breathe deeply and experience.

In time, this will become a life’s work so prepare yourself for the journey. Visit Self-Psych.com often and learn about our other meditation programs.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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