Psychic Boundaries

Each day of our life we gradually grow in self-awareness. Our daily experiences are added to our personality, enlarging our self-definition. The interests and talents we acquire not only build and define us in a physical way, they also define and expand our boundaries in an unseen way. This invisible awareness is called your Psychic Boundary. Some might think of this as their inner space but it is more than our space. It’s our viewpoint, feelings, values, beliefs, memories, even our soul. It’s everything about us that makes you who we are. This invisible space even extends to an area beyond our physical anatomy that often acts as an early warning system. Our comfort zone so to speak.

Personal Space

For example, when someone stands too close, violating your comfort zone, you feel a little uncomfortable. When someone bumps into you accidentally, again violating your comfort zone, you half expect to hear an apology. When you and a stranger enter an empty elevator, you both assume positions at opposite sides as to not intrude on each other’s personal physical and inner-space. If a violent physical attack happens to you, it is clearly an attack on your physical body and your personal space. 

Verbal Attacks

Verbal personal attacks also violate your invisible Psychic Boundaries. Attacks against your beliefs, whether they are religious or political, also violate Psychic Boundaries. Insults, racial slurs, all types of bigotry, and verbal abuse of every description that is directly or indirectly aimed at you is a also a violation of your Psychic Boundaries. Even virtual comments or conversations on the internet can be vicious attacks on one’s Psychic Boundaries.

All About Control

Attacks against either your physical body, Psychic Boundaries or both are attempts by someone to control you. Likewise, when people try to define you, it is an attempt to control you. When people who are normally friendly ignore you on purpose, or act like you don’t exist, they are also attempting to control you, your space, your time and your being in a subtle and often unconscious way.

Pigeon Holing

Authority figures, so-called experts and political leaders often attack our Psychic Boundaries with their pigeonhole definitions of our inner reality. It is easy to believe they are right, especially hearing all their good intentions and promises. How often have your heard that you are blue or red when, in fact, you are completely independent. These are clear attempts at control, if only to get your vote.

Save My Soul

Our Psychic Boundaries are also attacked in the most provocative manners by righteousness, blame and caring in order to save your soul, or to change your ways if you only put your faith in their hands. And, of course they are believed and trusted.

Watch Your Language

An important self-defense tool to increase self-awareness is a simple change in your language. To take control of your ‘self,’ simply rephrase statements like “I can’t do that” to “I won’t do that.” This change makes it clear that you are making a choice. Your emotions belong to you. Another example might be to replace the word “should” with “want.” Changing your language will cause feelings of victimization to quickly dissolve. Instead of saying “I should leave now” try saying “I want to leave now.” Once you understand that what you accept in your life, what you perceive and experience is completely your choice, you stop being powerless. 

Self Definition

Taking personal responsibility permits you to refuse to allow events, circumstances or relationships to attack your Psychic Boundaries. Since only you can define yourself, your self-definition and Psychic Boundary belong to you. 

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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