If you ever feel like a square peg in a round hole, constantly frustrated that your life is not how you expected it to be, you may need to abandon your preconceived notions and see the world as it really is – and to see yourself honestly, as you truly are.

It’s All Yours

Since only you can define yourself, your self-definition is yours. It isn’t necessary that you prove or explain it. It is yours. Self-definition means being a person.

When someone asks you to describe yourself you might begin to explain what is not you: “I like to swim but I don’t like swimming in lakes,” “I like to dance but I don’t like ballet,” “I like sports but I don’t like watching them on TV,” and so forth. As you continue to define yourself you sharpen and affirm your inner reality. This includes your thoughts, feelings, opinions, values, intentions, abilities, failings, talents, likes, dislikes, memories, fears and beliefs. You clearly express your personal freedom to define yourself. This becomes your self-definition.

The Four Functions

We are all born with four important functions: thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. We constantly use these functions to bring us information and to make some sense of it. As time goes by you experience more people, more ideas, likes and dislikes. As you construct your own personal reality of everyday life, you absorb new knowledge of yourself and the world around you.

True Nature of Existence

Since self and personality are formed through experience, it is important to stay fully open to possibilities that are presented each moment, and to allow the experience to shape the self. You live in an environment of constant change and you have the ability to change your self-definition at any time. Yet frequently – and seemingly with little effort – people refuse to allow the flow. Instead they create road blocks of how they believe things should be. This way of being is the opposite of the fluid, flowing self that is the true nature of our existence.

Open to New Possibilities

Life has endless possibilities with multiple routes. Our preconditions about how the world is or should be, and our place in it, define the limits of our world. They reduce our ability to stay in the present – open to the experience and those possibilities. By tuning into our full range of emotions we let ourselves have a richer experience in all aspects of our lives. This way of living your life will prevent you from feeling like a square peg in a round hole. Your experiences should be the starting point, the foundation of your personality, rather than trying to fit your experiences into a preconceived notion of your sense of self.

In order to participate in the ongoing experience of life we need to be fully open to new possibilities, new ideas and new thinking. Completely without road blocks.

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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