Having the ability to get in touch with authentic feelings, i.e., true thoughts and emotions, is more important than psychological explanations. The first and most important process is learning self-awareness, and to focus that awareness on the feelings of the present moment. This allows one to directly experience his or her feelings and perceive reality in the here and now.

Ownership and Responsibility

Instead of trying to find the answer of “why,” let’s focus on “how” and “what.” Language and learning new ways of thinking are important tools for increasing self-awareness. We can begin this new approach by changing the use of the pronoun “I” in our thoughts and speech. By simply rephrasing “I can’t do that” to “I won’t do that” transforms our no control reality into having complete control. It becomes clear that you are making a choice. It also becomes clear that you are implementing responsibility and control. You can no longer blame someone or something else for your feelings.

Let’s try another small change in our language. Let’s replace the word “should” with the word “want.” For example, changing “I should leave now” to “I want to leave now,” we immediately see that a choice was made. You have taken responsibility. This small change will help develop the authentic self that is free from society’s influence.

A Matter of Self-Empowerment

As we realize we’re not at the mercy of things that “just happen” we begin to experience self-empowerment. Feelings of victimization dissolve as we learn that what we accept for ourselves is our choice. We are not powerless. We are in control.

This new thinking and personal responsibility brings with it a refusal on your part to experience events, relationships or situations that we know to be wrong or harmful. To adopt beliefs and behaviors that best inspire and develop our authentic self, to determine our own opinions, philosophies, desires and interests.

Discover Truth

As we increase our awareness, self-accountability, self-reliance and self-insight, we begin to understand that we are building our own world, or truth. Our life becomes easier to bear because “truth can be tolerated only if you discover it yourself.”

This report is not a diagnosis. We hope this information can guide you toward improving your life.

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